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Our very own JJ ( Jerald Reed ) was recently interviewed by M. Scott Morris of the Tupelo Daily Journal. The days fill up for Jerald “J.J.” Reed. He’s usually got something going on. “I play basketball. I do swimming with Special Olympics. I do softball and soccer,” said Reed, a 34-year-old Tupelo resident. “It’s pretty fun. I love it...
2016-03-11 7:12 am    0 comments    News…/pdf/v…/senate/0570003.pdf This is a record of those that voted for Senate Bill 2384 to consolidate several departments including the Department of rehab into one department with governor appointed officials.  
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Check out William Heard as he sits down with Tupelo Talks to give an interview about Our Artworks! You can check out all of our other videos in our Videos Section.
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They are the only organization in the state that gives children with a lower limb disability the opportunity to play competative adaptive sports. With no cost to the player and their family, children have the opportunity to play team sports and be introduced to different Paralympic individual sports. They encourage each athlete to be his/her best; and teach responsibility, team spirit,...
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Our ArtWorks is a nonprofit organization created by local artist William Heard (Paralyzed in a motor vehicle accident) for people with disabilities in the Tupelo Mississippi area.  Students with disabilities ranging from paralysis to epilepsy have a place to come to express their artistic side.  If you have a disability, you can come socialize or create art.  We welcome anybody to...