Gumtree Festival 2018

2018-02-01 12:45 am

GumTree Festival is celebrating its 47th year in 2018. May 12-13. The Gumtree Festival is a two-day outdoor sale and celebration of the visual and performing arts around the Old Courthouse in Downtown Tupelo. It is put on by The GumTree Museum of Art also in downtown Tupelo.

The GumTree Festival is held in historic downtown Tupelo around the Lee County Courthouse with artists and craftsmen from across the United States gathering to sell art and compete for over $15,000 in prizes. It's two full days for the entire family with lots of good food, entertainment, and fun!

Our Artworks will be set up under the kids tent for everyone to drip. painting

Just Announced! The 47th Annual GumTree Festival has partnered with Local Licks Songwriter Sessions to SHAKE UP & ROCK this year's songwriter competition! Registration begins 02/11/18.