OurArtworks @ Houston MS Fall Fun & Games Day

2014-11-01 3:09 am

On Friday Oct. 31st 2014 Houston 4-H held its annual Fall Fun & Games Day and OurArtworks was there.

“It all started 15 years ago when a mother wanted her son to have a chance to experience some of the things other kids do. Now, the Chickasaw County 4-H Clubs’ Fall Day has grown into an annual event that gives more than 70 special needs children in Chickasaw County a fun-filled day. Students from the Houston and county school districts flooded the Chickasaw Agricenter for horseback and wagon rides, painting, bow and arrow shooting and other games. It’s a learning experience for the students, the 80 volunteers who chip in their time and the community that gets to share the experience.

“When they have other carnivals and fun days, our gets get pushed back to the side and don’t get to participate. I think it’s good for them all.. I think it’s good for the community to interact with them and know they are out here.”

Cross helped start the program for her son Frankie.”

Courtesy of WCBI

Pictures from Fall Fun & Games Day